About Me

Hello, I’m Gina

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I work with people on a spiritual awakening journey who are seeking support and insights beyond the ordinary. I assist by channelling evolved intergalactic consciousnesses (or 'Star-Guides' as I call them) who have the gift of connecting groups and individuals with their Higher Selves, and then guiding and revealing the most empowered, joyful way forward with any presenting issue.


So here’s a little background about my journey and how I came to be doing what I do...


I incarnated into a fascinating training ground of a family with some interesting challenges, giving me lots of opportunity for reflection and growth.

From birth I was very sensitive to my environment. I’ve always had a rich inner world, a strong imagination and heightened sensory awareness of colour, texture, smell, light and sound. Growing up in the deep countryside with no internet back then and just a village of a few houses, meant that playing for me consisted mainly of cycling and exploring my natural surroundings. It took moving to Bristol to study in my early 20’s, after working in France and Spain learning languages (with a few psychic experiences along the way), to discover that yoga and spiritual fairs and a whole world that met my interests actually existed! Once I discovered this alternative arena where I felt most at home, this naturally led me to exploring healing, energy psychology, the angelic and eventually star realms, crystals, shamanic healing, meditation, astrology, spiritual healing and Reiki, herbs and natural medicines, dance, yoga, stone circles and sacred geometry.

In my 30’s I birthed my 3 beautiful children and I found that bringing through their frequency into this world opened me up to further gifts of clairaudience (hearing guides), clairsentience (feeling energies), claircognizance (knowing things) and clairvoyance (of the kind of seeing energy and information and spirits). I spoke in tongues during the birthing process, in the intense moments – this was a new experience I had no explanation for, but I somehow knew it felt natural and that I was tapping into something bigger than just the human version of myself. Whilst my children were little, they shared with me things that they knew or saw, such as past-life memories, or seeing orbs and spirit guides, without any prompting from me, which further expanded my awareness of other dimensions.


Gina - Channel & Reiki Practitioner

I wish you abundant Light along your path in life.

I have felt compelled, throughout life, to delve into new ways of healing, with a particular fascination for transforming denser energy into lighter energy, and an innate urge to pioneer and create fast, effective healing methods .. it’s a bit of a personal mission and hobby of mine! And this (by no coincidence I am sure) is exactly what the Star-Guides that I channel are best at – holding space for any problem or issue that is presenting and facilitating an empowering, simple, effective, light and positive transformation.

So how did the Channelling start, I hear you ask?

Back in 2009, after receiving benevolent messages during meditation, I realised that I was channelling, and I attended a channelling training with Solara An-Ra (http://www.solara.org.uk) to develop this gift further. I later began to go to a local channel’s group on a weekly basis,  and this channelling gift in me strengthened into a more potent and reliable process. I would often receive instant ‘downloads’ of information that could assist myself and others, so began to share these downloads when they were clearly for friends, and I would frequently hear how helpful and insightful this guidance was. I participated in channelling retreat trainings with Janet Treloar (http://www.planet-therapies.com), and then in 2016 set up my own channelling circle that I now hold in Bristol on a monthly basis.

There are lots of channels out there. What’s your particular type of channelling like?

Rather than one collective that speaks through me, the way I channel is more of the flexible variety – whereby a different star-group will come through every few months, to bring messages and guidance needed at the current time. It feels as if each group reflects the shift in energy as we move forward in the planet’s evolution. So far, I’ve had a range of collectives of Light-Beings channel through me, including Sirian, Pleiadian, Galactic Core, Blue Avian, Lyran and Adromedan consciousnesses. They all carry a similar, light, compassionate vibration, always communicating with a gentle sense of humour and infinite patience. What I love about them is the way they are so perfectly equipped to help us – because they ‘see’ the energies beyond the veil from an expanded awareness, this allows them to offer profoundly loving and helpful insights that often even the most ‘intelligent’ human can benefit from.

This beautiful connection with the Star-Guides allows me to work as a team with them, and together we are developing channelled healing, light language, energy-coaching and space and land healing. There is so much potential for expansion with the evolved and magical-seeming methods they bring through, which they do with the highest intention for being in service to Gaia and all her lifeforms. Working with these beautiful Guides fosters a return to self-sovereignty for all beings and the utmost joy and harmony here on Earth, at a speed that each person is ready for.

If any of this speaks to you, and you feel that the Star-Guides and I can be of assistance to you, then I very much look forward to hearing from you.


Feel free to contact me on:

Email: contact@guidancefromthestars.com

Tel: 07791 612548


I wish you abundant Light along your path in life.

With Sparkly Blessings,

Gina ♥