Healing the Energy following the end of a Relationship

(The Star-Guides speak:)

“The method we wish to impart to you here is to enable you to heal your heart and gracefully move on, following the end of an intimate Relationship. (Our suggestion is that you feel into whether this method resonates for you and your particular situation, as this is only one of many possible ways to work with the energy of a relationship ending.)


1. Firstly, imagine and /or state that you are placing yourself and your ex-partner in separate Wholeness Bubbles.

Your Wholeness Bubble appears as a large globe of energy around you. It contains all you need within it to feel whole as a person in your own right. There is no need to know what those qualities are (although if it is therapeutic to name what wholeness means to you, especially the first time you do this practice, then please do so) , just trust that by intending/saying ‘Activate Wholeness Bubble around me’ your bubble is there. Feel and imagine it around you…trust you are a complete being just as you are, whatever is going on around you.

2. Now imagine both you and your Ex in your own wholeness bubbles side by side…with a gap in between your bubbles.

3. It is likely that there are one or several cords of energy running between your two bubbles, as a result of the connection you shared together.

4. Ask your and your Ex’s Higher Selves to float down and cut the cords between your bubbles. Allow time for this to occur.

5. Then visualize 2 new doorways of Light..one in front of you and another in front of your Ex (still in your separate bubbles).

6. See/imagine both of you going through your own separate doorways of Light, into the energy of Newness. This allows and promotes the frequency of each of you drawing to you the new experiences and people that are right for you now. Be open to any insights/ideas/visions/feelings/hunches of what your next new experiences/directions/life-choices are, now that you have stepped through this Newness doorway. If you wish, make a note of what comes up. This may change and evolve the more you practice this exercise.

7. Repeat this process for 7 days. Thereafter, repeat once a week or as necessary to keep the healing momentum around your separation. This process is a simple way of working with and joyfully transforming any hurts in the energy of your previous relationship, bringing through the positive frequency of the New for you and all concerned.”

With love, Guidance from the Stars ♥ ♥ ♥