Land Healing and Space Energetics


At Guidance from the Stars, I offer a unique form of Channelled Land Healing. My Star-Guides have nudged me and trained me in how to do this.

Through tuning in and perceiving disturbances in the land frequencies, the Star-Guides show you what is occurring within the land that you live upon, and they support you to unblock and harmonise the energies there. This has a profoundly positive impact on the health and wellbeing of you and all inhabitants (including all humans, animals and plant-life) and benefits your general flow of life, making for more effective building works, business success, positive mental health and optimised physical wellbeing.

Rate: £85

Including an in-person or Skype sit-down session with you to look at your home and land energies. The Star-Guides will explore the land energies with you, and guide you to transform them into a freer and higher frequency ♥