One-to-one Channelled Coaching with Gina

This very unique and personalised channelled energy coaching by Gina & the Star-Guides involves them guiding you skillfully to a highly beneficial resolution of a presenting life question or issue.

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Through their ability to multidimensionally perceive the energetics of a situation, the Star-Guides guide the client to a state of expanded awareness and greater insight and then facilitate a gradual, positive transformation of the matter in hand.

They work with such skill and unconditional love that you will find yourself gently and lovingly guided to find peaceful answers for the way forward, through harmonising the energetics of an issue, leaving you feeling empowered, resourced and back on track.

  • They always communicate from the vibration of love and compassion, and this in itself is deeply healing to be held in this space by them;

  • They offer unique, tailored guidance of a very interactive nature, so that the client is always nudged to find their answers and insights with the assistance of their own Higher Self;

  • They bring through personalised healing methods to balance and clear physical and emotional ailments;

  • They always speak with kindness and their purpose is to assist humanity, in whatever way is called for at the highest level;

"I have received both a general channelled session and also 2 activations from Gina and her Collective. All I can say is wow!
During the general channelled session her guides were able to assist and support me in an area where I was struggling to see my potential. They broke down the issue and showed me how to take the small steps I needed to allow another huge leap to success.
I have received 2 activations and they were incredible. The energies that flowed and filled my soul uplifted me and showed me again, such potential, love and sense of being.
Gina is a true natural at channelling, she is extremely kind and gentle and yet can invoke and bring through such powerful healings and messages."


So what does a typical session look like?

As the Channel, I open up a line of communication with another evolved consciousness so that a direct 2-way conversation can occur between the client and this source of consciousness.

The source of consciousness is a group of evolved beings who speak as one –  their origins are from other parts of the cosmos, varying from the Galactic Core to the Pleiades, Sirius or Andromeda.

You are invited by the Guides to ask your questions and a dialogue will begin between you and them, with my consciousness present in the background all the time. It is a very safe and calming experience, where you explore what needs further illumination in your life.

In response to your presenting question, the Guides bring through frequencies to unlock energies, and assist you to transform and upgrade the issue in hand. It is advised to prepare 1 to 3 clear questions to work with during our session.

Throughout the whole session there is also a beneficial and blissful transmission of high-vibrational energy that is tangible, whether working in person or over Skype.

After your session, you will receive an emailed recording of our channelling, to facilitate further listening and integration at home. This is useful, as there are always specific personalised healing methods from your session that are good to revisit, to deepen the harmonising of your well-being.