Words of Appreciation

"What a blessing to have been guided by these star-guides. Gina is the most beautiful channel and space-holder for them, it's no wonder they chose her to work through! They are wonderfully wise and supportive and with their guidance, questioning and suggestions, I was able to access the gift of my inner knowing and wisdom. They helped me to see that the parts of me that were afraid or holding back are of value and part of the whole, and that the energy within them could be transformed into something life-giving for me. After the session I felt alive and empowered and gifted with a fresh perspective on a situation in my life. Thank you Gina for the gift of being held by you, and thank you guides, I look forward to meeting with you again!" 


"I just wanted to thank you for the amazing Channelling Meetup evening. As you know, I didn't know what to expect, so I did come with a very open mind and the evening totally blew me away! The energy created was totally different to anything I have felt before and I feel very privileged to be a part of that, so thank you"


“Gina’s channelling sessions are truly transformational – I have regularly attended her group channelling sessions, and knew that a 1:1 coaching/healing session would be amazing … however I was still blown away by it. Gina’s guides work in such a gentle manner, but the results and the amount that they guide you to uncover and heal is incredible and very powerful. I felt that the work integrates gently throughout the session and by the end of it, it is amazing just how much has been covered. In the session, I started with an initial issue that I was seeking guidance on, and with the help of Gina and her guides, we uncovered such a wide range of issues, blocks and areas of healing – I felt that the session was really comprehensive. I was also given several tools to work with afterwards, which I felt were really valuable. The guides work in a very empowering way, letting you uncover information and healing yourself with their guidance, and also giving you direct information from themselves and sharing their healing with you. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend sessions with Gina – it feels such a gift to be able to communicate and work with the loving and very high vibration beings she channels.”


"The session I had with Gina was the first channelling in my life and I didn't know at all what to expect. After an initial chat, Gina simply tuned inwards and after a couple of minutes the guides started to communicate with me. I was surprised and very pleased to actually have a dialogue with them instead of just listening. I had a few life-questions and some of them were answered pretty quickly. I also asked about the possibility of healing my eyesight in this lifetime, as I have been short-sighted for most of my life and refusing to wear glasses and trying to heal naturally. They asked me what things I had tried. After a while they guided me on a journey, connecting with a specific spirit animal and holding a dialogue with this eye-condition of mine.  I was given homework - to repeat the journey for 7 days and listen to guidance from within. Every night I connected with the animal which represented the healing aspect for my eyes and received a task for the next day. I started to see the world with new eyes, focussing on new aspects of my life all of the 7 days. My vision became clearer as a result of this session, and I appreciated so much the deep dialogue with this group of guides, made possible by Gina. I am looking forward to another session, with my follow-up questions."


"Thank you so much for the amazing Meetup, Gina. It was a wonderful life-changing time for me. I have just replayed the recording for the first time and it was like being there all over again..the energy flowed through me in that soft but powerful way. I have picked out the points of focus from our session and I look forward to further soul progress working with my lotus flower and wise owl. I just wanted to let you know how much it meant to me and how grateful I am. "


"I can't thank you enough dear Gina for this heart-stirring and soul-stirring experience. It's wonderful how the 'friends' that you bring through understand our concerns on every level, and have such inspiring and helpful guidance for dealing with them. I've been using the visualisations they suggested for the pain and stiffness in my hip and leg, which I thought were going to be really disabling, and now about 3 weeks later I can walk normally again - what a huge relief! It's so precious to feel the healing and support that these beings of light are sending us, and to know they are there to help us in these times of intense change and new departures."


I have received both a general channelled session and also 2 activations from Gina and her Collective. All I can say is wow!
During the general channelled session her guides were able to assist and support me in an area where I was struggling to see my potential. They broke down the issue and showed me how to take the small steps I needed to allow another huge leap to success.
I have received 2 activations and they were incredible. The energies that flowed and filled my soul uplifted me and showed me again, such potential, love and sense of being.
Gina is a true natural at channelling, she is extremely kind and gentle and yet can invoke and bring through such powerful healings and messages."