The Evolved Human and Listening Closely to the promptings of your Physical Body

Transmission from the COLLECTIVE OF 5 from Andromeda   –   September 2018:

“The evolved human now is feeling the urgency to step into its evolutionary brilliance…and the evolutionary brilliance is multifold. So you have the physical body, which for so many is giving strong messages at this time. To change what you eat and drink, how you sleep, how you breathe, how you move, how you treat your physical vessel.
And this may change and not be a static thing. So the listening to the physical vessel is really a big part of this. And interconnected with this is the knowledge and the need to listen to who you spend time with and where you go ….. for of course the words you use.. all these things affect who you are, how you feel , how your cells vibrate, what your body is listening to, how much time and where you spend your time on social media, what films or forms of entertainment you explore and use, how your creativity expresses itself, how you exercise and treat your body, how long you sleep.
Who you talk to, the words you use, the words you are wanting to hear and that you wish to attract more of… so all of these things, so basic, so basic so basic aren’t they, yes yes yes, and yet in this modern world so much intrusive education and intrusive information, it is almost as if the modern Human has more choice over those that preceded that felt more enslaved, although of course there is still a feeling of enslavement in certain ways, there is more choice and this choice is so broad that it can be easy to become lazy, it can be easy to just have a default and copy what everyone else is doing, but what we would say is really crucial at this time is to really listen to what you need and now this may be similar to some of your friendship circle or family, but it may be different and this is really the test, to listen to your unique needs and to honour them the best you can.
Now we understand of course that if you have work and family relationship commitments and such, that it is not always an easy overnight job to make changes but what we would say is that as you begin to listen and as you begin to honour the changes that are nudging you from within, when you listen, feel , sense, hear you will find that, as you begin to implement changes, even if they are small… like you start your day with 5 mins of just being with your body and listening to what you need it can be very very small things that are still very significant and do have a very positive impact and change on you and how you move through the world for the rest of your day (For example).
Changing how much and what kinds of fluids you drink, or how many nights you go out and stay in, or when you know you need to spend time connecting with your family. To honour that rather than put it on the back burner and put work first. It is so easy to say these things, we know, as we are here as advisors from outside your human space. We know there are challenges to being human and tests and tests and really taking small steps and beginning to listen to and honour your body and soul yearnings is what we suggest as the most helpful for you, to really gradually allow you to become more your connected to the light evolved human self.
Now an Evolved human, we just wish to say, does not need to be one who meditates and spends time in a cave reaching enlightenment . We do not speak of this, what we speak of is having a regular human experience but choosing also to integrate and blend with your higher self . So you could still have a 9-5 job and a family, partner or dog, and still be an evolved human with all of those factors . Really it is about allowing through more and more of a flow of your higher self in terms of listening to your nudges and listening to your deep self. So we would guide you to go within and you may find this within your heart, your belly, with deep breathing… just ask yourself what your deepest self wants you to hear or feel or experience at this time. And if you are not one that hears or sees messages then we would say to see if you can draw of write or scribble it, draw it out or write it out. Or it could just be one word or one feeling and if you do not receive the answer at first then just know that Rome was not built in a day, as they say we believe in human speak, so to allow yourself to just practice the listening and it may take time for your deepest self to find its voice, but the voice is there, and even if you do not hear the voice for some time, your deepest self will appreciate the fact that you know you have a deepest self and that you ask it what it needs and wants.
So this is what we share for today. Any and all can benefit from some deep listening. Some breathing and stilling and some deep listening. And this we would term as meditation. This method can be perfect and enough for anyone of any age and ability, to just go within and listen. And ask. And you know how healing this is, to be taken time to be with and to be listened to and to be asked what you need. If this were you being asked what you need in a patient calm loving way, this is like the voice of a very calm unconditionally loving parent, so this is what you are offering to yourself and this brings healing and relief. In this modern world of so much choice and often overwhelm from this choice. Just to stop and ask and listen is the first step we would say, that anyone and everyone can choose to take. “

(Photo by Zac Durant on Unsplash)